Goal Keeping

The Job of the Goalkeeper:

The Goalkeeper’s main job is to stop the ball from getting through the net. Focus is a key strategy, not only when the ball is close, but also when it is on the other end of the field.  A keeper can only handle the ball inside his/her own penalty area (the rectangular area in front of and within the goal post).

How a Goalkeeper Catches/Stops a Ball in the air:
1. Keep hands moving together. Both should be behind the ball with thumbs close together.
2. Elbows should be in front of the chest. 3. Get behind the ball. When reaching for a ball, the arms should be extended out (elbows not locked!), the elbows bent as the catch is made, allowing the arms to absorb the speed and energy of the ball. Hands should be in the "W" hand position.


 1. The Standing Goalkeeper Stance- The Goalkeeper should be always bouncing on the balls of the feet. On the ground, Goalkeeper should lower one knee close without touching the ground while picking up ball.
2. The ball may need to be hugged to the chest to protect it.









If the ball is on the ground:
The basket catch is used for balls below the waist or on the ground.
The hands are behind the ball, but the pinky fingers are together so the ball is cupped when it rolls in. Fingers may need to brush the ground to catch the ball.

The ball can be caught with the legs straight.


Or knees bent. Or kneeling.


Vinton County Soccer League – A SAY Soccer League in Southeastern Ohio