Warm Ups

Basic Warm up Exercises- Always warm up before and after each practice! Spend about 5 minutes warming up. Here are some basic warm-ups to get your started!

Ankles and Knees: With hands on knees and knees bent, rotate knees in a circle in one direction several times.

Hips: Stand up straight with hands on hips and rotate in a circular motion. Repeat in other direction.

Lunge: stand straight up and extend (lunge) the right foot as far as possible.Point toes farward. Bend the right knee while keeping the upper bodyupright. Repeat with other leg.

Toe Touch: Stand straight up with feet shoulder width apart. Bend forward and touch the toes. Don't bounce!

Groin Stretch: Sit on the ground with legs slightly apart and stretch to touch toes on the right foot, then the left.


Warm up with some gentle jogging (with or without the ball) before doing any stretches


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