Basic Field Guide

Developing a basic understanding of kick off, goal kick, corner kick, kick off and throw in and when the ball is in or out of play.

Kick off - At the beginning of a period, at the beginning of a game or after a goal is made. Ball is placed on the center mark and kicked by one team. Until the ball crosses the line, players from the attacking team may not cross the central mark and players from the defending team must be at least 10 yards from the ball. The kicker cannot kick the ball again until another player has touched the ball.

Goal Kick- When the ball goes out of the defending teams goal line, was last touched by the attacking team and there was no score, it is put back into play by the defending team, who may place it anywhere within their Goal Box (including on the line) & then kick it.  Goalkeeper or player places the ball anywhere within their Goal Box (including on the line) & then kicks it.


Corner Kick - When the ball passes completely over the defending team's goal line and was last touched by a defending player and a goal was not scored. It is put back into play by a player of the attacking team from the corner of the field nearest to where the ball crossed.


Throw in - When the whole of the ball has passed over a touch line, either by air or on the ground, it is put back into play by a throw in at the point the ball crossed the line by a player of the team opposite of the last one who touched it.
The player must face the playing field with part of each foot on the touchline or on the ground outside the touchline. Part of each foot must be on the ground.
Both hands must be used to throw the ball and ball must be held behind and over the head.




Vinton County Soccer League – A SAY Soccer League in Southeastern Ohio