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Vinton County Soccer League

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By donating to Vinton County Soccer League, you can help purchase nets, balls, and and other charitable projects like sponsering a child whose family may not be able to afford the fee for uniforms. Any amount helps! We are an all volunteer, non-profit.


Vinton County SAY Soccer is here in Vinton County!  The Soccer Association for Youth (SAY) was formed to provide an organization so children could learn and play soccer. The fact that any size player can be successful at the game and there is only a modest expense required to field a team, make it possible for many children to participate in organized competition around the world.  

Don't worry if you've never played. We start from the very beginning and work our way up. The truth is, if you can kick a ball, you can play soccer.



Vinton County Soccer League in conjunction with Soccer Association for Youth is here in Vinton County! Practices and games will be held at the Wyman Park/Central Elementary School field.

Spring 2017  Vinton County SAY Soccer
Vinton County Soccer Association for Youth –Spring Soccer League
Updates and Info for Parents and Players  

Please be at the field 15 minutes before game for warmups!
Schedule Ages 4-6:  All GAMES ON THURSDAYS



      6:30 – 7:00


April 13

McNally Vs. Martin 

Coleman Vs. Uhl

Amerine Vs White

April 20

Uhl Vs McNally       

Amerine Vs Coleman 

White Vs Martin

April 27

McNally Vs White

Uhl Vs Amerine    

Martin Vs Coleman

May 4

Amerine Vs McNally

Coleman Vs White

Martin Vs Uhl

May 11

Martin Vs Amerine

McNally Vs Coleman

White Vs Uhl

Schedule Ages 7-9:  All GAMES ON SUNDAYS



2:45– 3:30


April 9

Quack Vs McNally

Mitchell Vs Riley

Boyd Vs Rodriguez 

April 23

Quack Vs Mitchell

McNally Vs Rodriquez

Riley Vs Boyd

April 30

Boyd Vs McNally

Riley Vs Quack

Rodriguez Vs Mitchell

May 7

Quack Vs Boyd

Mitchell VS McNally

Rodriquez Vs Riley

May 14

Rodriquez Vs Quack

Boyd Vs Mitchell

McNally Vs Riley

Schedule Ages 10-12:  All GAMES ON THURSDAYS



      6:30 – 7:00


April 13

Vargas Vs Ball

Kirby Vs Woods


April 20

Vargas Vs Kirby

Woods Vs Ball


April 27

Vargas Vs Woods

Ball Vs Kirby


May 4

Ball Vs Vargas

Woods Vs Kirby


May 11

Kirby Vs Vargas

Ball Vs Woods


Schedule Ages 13 UP:  All GAMES ON SUNDAYS




April 9, April 23, April 30, May 7 and May 14

For the safety of our players, only the head and/or asst. coach and players are allowed in the center section of the field. All players must remain with the team in their player boxes during the games. (no running out to family members while the game is in play)



Youth League Signups: Signups are now closed.



Questions? Jannette Quackenbush – e-mail:

Jannette/Patrick Quackenbush 740-596-1124 (between 1 pm and 7 pm)

If you need a copy of the sign up form and the waiver, please click on the link below.

Forms for Sign up